Frequently Asked Questions

Once you have purchased a session and sent the required information,  I access your Akashik Records, retrieve your information and complete your reading in advance of your session. We meet via Zoom for the session. All readings are presented in English. Depending on the service purchased, sessions last for 1.0 – 1.5 hours or a little longer.

All sessions are digitally recorded for your later reference. You may also schedule a follow-up call (complimentary) within one month of your session.

Akashik Record readings require pre-session research, hence no refunds are offered. Please check Refund Policy.

Please read more information about this at Delivery Details page.

Soul-level information comes from Akashik Records. With your permission, I access your Akashik Records to obtain your soul-level information.

Akashik Records are an energetic database/library that contains all the information related to each and every soul ever incarnated. Akashik Records have existed since the beginning of time and contain information about the origination of each soul, its unique attributes / Divine Gifts and how it was made to create its own experience.

At the time of creation, our soul was in its pure state, hence perfect and in complete alignment. Over many lifetimes, we accumulate negative karma by engaging in patterns of choice that are in direct opposition to our Divine nature and hence create soul-level blocks. These blocks become our blind spot and stop us from seeing how we can transform our lives. Wisdom gained from Akashik Records helps us in gaining consciousness of these blocks so we can take appropriate action to resolve them for good and in the process manifest our desired reality.

Inorder to gain access to your Akashik Records, the following information is required:

  • Your Full Present Name
  • Your Full Name at Birth (if different)
  • Your Date of Birth DD/MM/YY
  • Your Place of Birth

I am attuned to be able to access and read Akashik Records. With your permission and a few details (Your Present Name, Your Full name at birth, Your Date of Birth, Your Place of Birth), I can access your Akashik Record. This is done through a specific process that uses a particular structure and framework to obtain clear and relevant information. This information has a huge transformational potential for you as its actionable in real life and not just for curiosity or entertainment.

Please note that information obtained will be different for each type of reading offered.

Your Divine Soul Blueprint consists of your soul’s Divine gifts & attributes, Soul Group of origination and soul specialization(s) that define the core essence of who you are at soul level. Your Divine Soul Blueprint plays a huge part in how you create your reality on a day-to-day basis. Ignoring our Divine Soul Blueprint or living in opposition to it, makes it difficult for us to manifest abundance in our lives on so many levels. Hence having an awareness of our Divine Soul Blueprint is crucial to know ourselves at a deeper level and create our desired reality.

Soul Realignment® is a powerful soul-level healing modality that helps you realign to your soul’s Divine Soul Blueprint as and how it was made at the time of origination by Divine Source. You gain consciousness of all your current negative karmic patterns that are hindering your growth and not letting you move forward in life. Along with the awareness of these negative karmic patterns,  you are also supported with a powerful energy clearing that helps you clear these negative karmic patterns at your 5th dimensional aspect. This clearing helps you in your transformation process and you can step into aligned action with as less discomfort as possible. The client is at all times responsible for taking this aligned action in their lives. No healing modality can change your life for you if you are not willing to gain the consciousness and apply it in your life. Please remember that you are at absolute authority over your life at all times. 

Most of the Akashik Record readings include 5th dimensional energetic clearing which is done prior to the session and is later triggered through your consciousness of those issues at the end of your session. This energetic clearing empowers you to take new action in your life post session. 

Note:  Divine Soul Blueprint / Profile readings and Life Lessons readings do not include fifth dimensional energetic clearing. 

There is a 21-day healing period following the Akashik Record reading and clearing. You will be sent a homework document fully customized for you. You will read these clearing requests (form of prayer) aloud for 21 consecutive days. We add the element of ritual to target the subconscious mind and to help you integrate the effects of clearing more deeply. This homework is an important part of your participation in the reading and the intention to make new choices in the future. We are shifting the energy in the 5th dimension but you must take new aligned action in order to create a new experience.

After the session, you can come back with any questions you might have in the next 24-48 hours. You may also schedule a follow-up call (complimentary) within one month of your session. In this session, we will discuss what changes have you implemented in your life after the initial session. We will also discuss more steps that can help you align to your Soul’s unique Divine Blueprint.

Yes! This work can be done on behalf of your minor children (below 18 years of age).

Knowing the Divine Soul Blueprint of your children is not only immensely helpful in understanding them at a deep level but it also helps you to know how best you can raise them as individual beings. You will understand how each soul is unique and how you can help your children express their Divine gifts in a way that best serves them individually.  This reading will help you understand and accept your child for the unique soul that they are as well as with parenting.

You can order a normal Divine Soul Profile Reading OR a full Soul Realignment® reading for your child through the same links. You can also order a relationship reading for you and your child through the services link.