Delivery Details

Delivery time is dependent on the specific reading you have selected. Wait time begins AFTER receiving the requested information from you.

Once I receive requested information from you, I access and research the Akashik Records and prepare your session details. Each soul has its own unique record in the Akashik Library with information specific to that soul’s journey. The amount of information we receive is dependent on what the client is ready to heal/clear at the time of reading. Sometimes the information retrieval process can be long and hence only estimated times for session delivery will be given upon booking.

Sessions are delivered through Zoom. You will be contacted when your reading is nearly ready to arrange a convenient date and time for your session.

Most of the Akashik Record readings include 5th dimensional energetic clearing which is done prior to the session and is later triggered through your consciousness of those issues at the end of your session. This energetic clearing empowers you to take new action in your life post session. 

Note:  Divine Soul Blueprint / Profile readings and Life Lessons readings do not include fifth dimensional energetic clearing.